Our Photobooth is there to entertain your guest and with our custom template designed SPECIFICALLY for you, they will have something memorable to bring home. Whether its a birthday party, wedding reception, corporate event or other casual event, we will be there to entertain your guest. They will have so much fun taking picture with their friends and family at your event.

We use high-speed and high quality printer , those prints will last for ages!! not only that Photobooth is suitable for ALL AGES!!! It will be a memorable event for your guest. Everyone can pickup our props, make some silly face or even pack everyone into a single frame and they will laugh at the picture every time they see it for the rest of their life.


Contact person        : Vince Ooi

Contact number       : +6012 - 5535 732

Email Address         : squidoobooth@gmail.com

Website                  : http://www.squidoobooth.com/