de Muses Band & Entertainment

By two holding pursue their interests and dreams, and to bring joy to every corner of world, hoping to use music to prepare comfort, peace and quiet. Whether celebrating any activity or wedding reception, we adhere to try to do the best performances to bring everyone to find rest and enjoy the space, whether children or adults, even seniors can be in our show the moment, it is we have been looking and trying to practice and achieve goals. Whether one or two years or 30 years, de Muses never give up. To find the people's sympathy, even if only in a few minutes we show that just a few hours, as long as you listen carefully we would often break with the music to accompany you around.

由两个抱着追求自己的兴趣和梦想,兼把欢乐带个世界每一个角落,希望用音乐来编制舒适,和平与宁静。。不管是欢庆任何活动或结婚喜宴,我们都坚持把尽力做到最好的演出带给所有人,不管是小孩或大人甚至长辈都能在我们演出的当儿找到歇息和享受的空间,这是我们一直盼望及努力要实践与做到的目标。不管一年两年十年或三十年,de Muses 永不言弃。要找到人与人的共鸣,哪怕只在我们演出的短短那几分钟几小时,只要您用心聆听我们就常随乐符陪伴在您左右。


Contact Person        : Wilson Tan
Contact Number       : 016-441 7152
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