Ming Xiang Tai

Ming Xiang Tai was started by Madam Yin Yu Qun in 1960s as a home based business and Trishaw Egg Tart is their signature product. It was until 1970’s that Madam Yin’s son Au Chee Teck and his wife Madam Chong Mooi used a trishaw cart to carry these egg tarts and sold in their local towns. The egg tarts are named as the Trishaw Egg Tarts, to honour his parent’s hard work in selling these pastries.

Ming Xiang Tai’s pastries are not only good in taste, but it also brings back many childhood memories. They are also showing the old generation’s determination and passion. Besides that, Ming Xiang Tai's innovation on the Cantonese Wedding Pastry by maintaining the traditional tastes in a modern packaging. 


Contact Name         : Ms Soon / Ms Venessa
Contact Number      : 04-2279880 / 016-444 9693
Email                        : mingxiangtai@gmail.com 
Website                   : www.mingxiangtai.com.my
Requirement            : Minimum order of 10 Boxes (2 pieces per box)