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Istarted Love Sweeteners with the intention of continue my sharing passion whichI developed during my working career in property developers, scrap company andmall operator company. I wished to share and education young couple the Chineseritual and to preserve our cultural practice.
Lookingback at the 10 working years, I have met many amazing people who has metcertain challenges and struggled to overcome it. I am glad that during thattime, they have an open mind to share with me their issues and seek for myopinions. I saw many of them overcome the challenges and doing pretty well. In2016, I was inspired by Coach Leik Hong, founder of Small Fish BusinessConsultancy to expand my sharing passion to become a People Coach.
Iguess we all realized that divorce rate has increased for the past few yearsand it is definitely not a good sign of it. There was a 2 months period which Iencountered 2 divorce cases per week and only 3 cases seek for my assistance.However, I only manage to save 1 relationship as the others have gone tocritical stage which I am look at it helplessly. This motivates me to step upto be a Relationship Coach to assist loving couple in building a strongerrelationship foundation for better relationship. Many couples faced the sameproblems, lack of understanding of their spouse, communication breakdown,living patterns and conflict with family members. The reasons behind come totwo simple solutions: 1) understand your spouse & 2) Spouse’s Love Languages.  Read my love story here..... (爱情故事华语版)
Throughoutmy working life, I have worked and met many managers and there is a commonchallenge that each of them are facing. “Why my team is not performing andlistening to me?” I faced the same challenges too when I was a manager fordifferent companies and I managed to overcome them with a combination of manystrategies and created my dream team which worked together with me. Yet, manymanagers whom I meet struggled to work it out. Managerial Coach is who I am, asI would like to help managers to adapt to their role, creating the dream teamand continues to climb up corporate ladder. 

My Interview in Nanyang (南洋商报) & Guang Ming Daily (光明日报)

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1 on 2 Couple Coaching (1.5 Hours)

1 on 2 Couple Coaching (1.5 Hours)

1.5 Hours Session for only RM200.00 for Penang customers only. ..


Communication Workshop

Communication Workshop

Topics Covered:1. Understand the difference between Men & Women 2. How successful relatio..


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