Our Purpose

Love Sweeteners, your Chinese Wedding Consultant in Penang.

The Founder, Jin Khun has worked with several companies for 10 years before setting up Love Sweeteners. Previously he was the Sale & Marketing Manager for property developers and Senior Leasing Executive for a shopping mall operator. 

He got married in year 2011. He and his beloved wife had performed the Chinese Wedding Ritual as he thinks that Chinese Wedding Culture should be performed by all Chinese. However, after a couple years, as he met a famous Chaperon “送嫁郎”, he realized that there are areas which previously he has performed inappropriately due to misleading information. As such, he surveyed and studied all the customs and eventually started Love Sweeteners in 2014 in order to educate all Chinese Wedding Couple in performing the right way of Chinese Wedding Culture. 

To-date, Love Sweeteners has served and educated more than 200 couples. The main objective of Love Sweeteners is to educate more young people in practicing Chinese Wedding Rituals in order to retain Chinese’s proud Culture.