Love Sweeteners Philosophy

Every relationship requires Love and Effort and it is fate which attaches two parties together. However, misunderstandings and arguments often occurred as couple continue to work on the relationship. Lack of sparks, lack of concern, workaholic, etc are the common reasons which couples complain of their love one these days. Our simple Ten-Steps Philosophy will be able to provide a better picture in how to maintain a strong relationship.
An important point to remind all couple is that being able to be with the one you love and who at the same time loving you is a blissful thing. Being in love is rather easy. However, when comes to maintaining the relationship, in order to ascertain the relationship to be long lasting, here comes Love, Effort, Tolerance, Understanding, etc from both parties equally. 

The Ten-Steps Philosophy

A successful relationship requires both parties to contribute their efforts in it. When two person failling in love, both came from different family, having different background, different culture, different way of thinking and different perception, there is no doubt that there are somehow a distance between both parties. Assuming Girl is positioning at Point 1 while Guy is positioning at Point 10. In order to build a strong relationship, both parties is required to work to be with each other. 

Taking few steps ahead is not easy as it involves understanding, tolerance, support, and sacrifice. Every hard work which both parties contributed will eventually move a step closer to the centre point and each other. Understanding, Effort, Time and Love play the important roles to reach this ideal formula. However, this ideal formula of maintaining the relationship is indeed difficult.

Situation become tougher when only one party is the one contributing in a relationship by working harder than the other and taking more/all steps reaching the other. Sooner or later, contributor will feel exhausted in the relationship and when the contributor gives up, the relationship will start cracking. 
Every relatioship requires some efforts in maintaining them and sometimes sacrifices are inevitable. There is no relationship in the world which doesn't required sacrifices which in the way of monetary, time, hard work and toleration.